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This is my number one favourite piece of software.   The still images give no idea of the joy of using this program. Wonderful colours and shapes dance and evolve on screen and you can influence them by using your keyboard - like a visual synthesizer.

It runs perfectly on Windows 98SE and earlier but, as yet, not on later versions unless you can fiddle the compatibility issues.    I like it so much that I have an old machine with just HOP running - it's worth it, but a separate partition for an early version of Windows would work just as well.

It is also possible to run HOP on a modern machine by using a handy program called DOSBox.  Anything is worth fiddling with to be able to see just how good this program is when it's running.   Stills give you no idea of the ebb and flow of the colours and the shapes.  Try it - you'll love it!

Have a look at Michael's gallery, the images are amazing!


This is a very popular piece of software - and it's open source - so it won't cost money!   The latest stable version is Apophysis 2.02 but there are constant developments and the beta versions are available from SourcForge.

A lot of very talented Apo users hang out in the FracFan forum.  Friendly and willing to help - who could ask for more?

I have lots I want to add to this page but at least I've started.