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Apophysis 2005-1
Apophysis 2005-2
Apophysis 2006



These are images I have made with various programs.   I have had great joy making them and I hope they will give some pleasure to anyone who visits the galleries.

I am not saying that they are perfect - they manifestly aren't. I am just saying that I had (and have) a lot of fun using fractal programs.   If you want to try for yourself, you may like to follow up one of the links to a download site - when I get round to doing the page.
Image-making on a computer is very liberating for anyone who was told at school that they were not artistic - just because they couldn't draw with pencil and paper!   Try it.   It's the most fun you can have without laughing (thank you, Woody Allen).

Apophysis is the first gallery because that's the program I have had most fun with recently and so there are more images I want to share.   The other galleries will follow as they are ready.

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